Studies for a Drawing Workshop

More Studies done to an Workshop that I did with Marcos Beccari and  Leonardo Martins in the Art School Mímesis - Conexões Artísticas. I used sanguine bar, sanguine pencil and eraser.

Rendering the Figure

Some drawings I did in the live drawing classes to learn more about rendering forms in the human figure.

Linear Drawings

Some last drawings did in the live classes with Gustavot Diaz. These are fast drawings with a more linear style.

Chracter Design - Dolls

Recently I did some character development for a commercial in Fantastica Films and Post. My role was create the visual design for a doll that was builded to suit a real woman. And one paper doll to be modeled in 3d. I'd like to thank you all people that contribute with these project. Marlon Klug, Rosane Melink, Bruno Wotroba and Henrique Ribeiro. You are awesome. The Commercial could be watched in here